Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We just returned from a trip to Philly.....

and were lucky to meet so many fantastic musicians. Nice to meet you all, and we'll see you next year if not sooner !! :-)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A bit about EnRoute Music

EnRoute Music averages more than 200 performances a year. In addition to many private functions, the group performs at fairs, concerts, service organizations and corporate events throughout the region. EnRoute's programs especially shine with intergenerational audiences and where sound-level responsibility and broadcast-quality programming are a must.

EnRoute Music began as "CHOICES", a musical, anti-drug elementary school assembly program. Highly successful, the program uses a unique humanistic, interactive approach that combines a positive message with entertainment and music, including EnRoute's innovative musical instrument, the PorchBoard Bass.

In 1995, the group launched a family/senior show that quickly led to a weekly cable TV program. "EnRoute to Music with Bill & Nadene" ran on several cable networks for the next four years.

The performers create lots of fun and smiles wherever they perform. The band includes Bill Stevens, Dean Dwyer, Nadene Isackson, and Bonnie Francis. EnRoute's 'easy on the ears' approach and tremendous musical diversity make them a favorite with young and old alike.

Spring is just around the corner....

Finally, after a long and frigid Wisconsin winter, spring is just around the corner. To celebrate before we begin the upcoming festival season, we've been going through our archive photos. Here's a favorite. Taj Mahal and Nadene at a Madison, Wisconsin Festival.